In an effort to make our servers and network more secure EZBREEZYHOSTING.COM has maintained a vigilant effort of ongoing security updates and changes to equipment, software, and policies. Many changes are significant and required and can cause reduced access because of the lack of backwards compatibility. Users might see impacts effecting devices, operating systems, software, email, and web browsers which might not be compliant with the latest standards. In an effort to provide the best security please be aware that there might be issues with access to services. If any such issues arise please update your operating system, web browser, or email programs to the latest versions. Windows XP should no longer be used as it is guaranteed to have issues with our latest security changes. We cannot make backwards compatibility exceptions in our security due to pci compliance, federal regulatory compliance, payment and credit card transmission requirements, ssl compliance standards, and many other requirements we must meet.

If you feel that your service is impacted because of these security changes please contact us and we will try to help you make the necessary changes to resolve the issues impacting your service or access. We are currently aware that there might be issues with the Galaxy note 2 device not supporting the latest recommended levels of ssl encryption therefore not rendering web pages. There is no fix for this at this time and requires the developer of the Galaxy Note 2 to fix this issue. Please let us know of any other devices that may not comply or work with the latest security changes so we can look for possible fixes.

We will constantly be improving security over the next few days and such changes will impact web servers, mail servers, domain records, game servers, communication servers, phone pbx systems, application servers, and custom hosted solutions. If you experience any errors or issues with these changes please contact us immediately so we can resolve any issues.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

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