$24.00 Setup Fee
Go Code Gaming Attendance Tracking Payout System
Setup Fee
$24.00 (USD)
Monthly Fee
$2.00 (USD)

The Go Code Gaming Attendance Tracking Payout System was designed for gaming organizations to keep track of attendance and participation plus be able to calculate shares and payouts based on attendance.

With our integrated software application process and custom built forms you can self-host your go code form or purchase additional hosting from EZBREEZYHOSTING.COM. The go code system allows a treasurer to login and sanitize any submissions through the go code process and enter the total payout amount to be calculated by total shares for the individual share price. Having the total share price for each participant you can then go to whatever payout system you use and mark off each paid as you pay each participant.

*The go code system requires a website hosted on the internet whether self-hosted or hosted with EZBREEZYHOSTING.COM. The go code system uses system resources and bandwidth to communicate to our servers the go code data. Additional charges may apply with your current host for this new application to be deployed and used.

*** This go code system is a subscription based service and for its continual use you must pay a monthly subscription fee. If the monthly fee is not paid the subscription is terminated and you will lose access to the go code system. This includes any refunds or charge backs

By purchasing this product you agree to all terms and conditions above.

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